Discerment 101


We are entering into a time in history when all of the old ways of doing things, the societal ills and conditioning of society must come down to bring in a new higher level of consciousness. Warriors from around the world who are gifted in the “knowing” of what must be done, are now innately mastering their skills – this has never been about political and religious wars, they have all been spiritual wars. Emotions must be left behind in order to face battles with 3D egoism. Tragedy and traumatic incidents bring out the absolute best in people, and the absolute evil in people. It’s black and white. Good versus evil. There is no middle ground. We find strength in humanity during times of chaos and upheaval. Collectively, warriors are the front-runners who are being called to rise up above all lines of human separation and division, as they are called to break through the standards, turned ills, societies around the world have set. Warriors are those who stand up when others sit down.

It is thus, therefore crucial for warriors to dis-identify with their egos and discern everything as “black and white,” there is an excellent article written on the subject and here is an excerpt from that article, on mastering how to dis-identify with one’s ego:

Our ego sits exactly between the mental and the emotional body and creates a lot of chaos with our thoughts and feelings. It is a master in leading our mind away from the NOW, projecting fears that we experienced in the past into the future. We are caught up in “should have, could have, if I would have” thoughts and are coming up with scenarios what could all happen and interpreting and judging actions of other persons or our own. We blame ourselves, we blame others, we blame the Universe. Our ego has got us so wrapped up in fear patterns that we are unable to see the bigger picture and love that is trying to shine through. We are too blind to see that all of this is perfectly orchestrated and is happening for a purpose. That is why it is so important to calm down our little 24/7 chatter box in our head and teach our ego where its rightful place is. It was always meant to be an adviser and only protect us from real life danger (when we could be eaten by a lion for example). Then of course, a fight of flight response is not only helpful but necessary. But our ego is so over-trained by the news, marketing, education, politics etc, that it causes a fight or flight response all the time, pretending we are in life danger, no matter if we have a misunderstanding with our partner or parents, a performance review talk with our boss etc. That is unnatural behavior and our ego is actually supposed to be quiet most of the time. So how do we get it back to its natural behavior?

When still in ego mode, we are blaming, we are judging, we are chasing, we are fighting… because we act out of fear. Thus, it is really important to reprogram our mind and teach it that WE ARE NOT OUR THOUGHTS. To do this, every time you catch yourself in thought spirals, take a step back and observe yourself. Observe your ego. See it as this little child that is afraid to die. So love it, thank it for just wanting to protect you, tell it that it is not necessary though. It can help to give your ego a name when you talk to it. That helps to dis-identify with it.

Ask your ego two questions when panicking:

  • Am I or someone else dying because of this?
  • Does the planet stop turning because of this?

The answer is no? Tell your ego that there is no need to be protective right now as there is no life danger and send it back to sleep.

Tell yourself: Those are just thoughts passing by, it is only energy. They are not me, they do not define who I am. Meditation does not necessarily mean to sit like a Buddha for hours and make ohhmming sounds. All it means is to find a way how to be in the NOW and experience oneness and inner peace in a worry free zone. You can have that feeling and the connection to the collective consciousness anywhere. Find out what is best for you. Nature, running, surfing, skating, skiing, hiking, painting, playing music…. To come into the NOW: Focus on your senses. Feel, smell, touch, taste, hear, see what is going on in the moment. In these moments, thoughts cannot exist. All you can do is feel a moment, not think it. Once your ego surrendered, you become the free spirit your supposed to be, and your mind becomes a powerful creator. Your thoughts are the basis for manifestation. If you think fearful thoughts, you create a fearful reality. When your thoughts come from a place of love, you create more and more love for you and around you.

Here is the gist: People hate the truth and they dislike even worse being told, “Told you so!” Warriors are NOW, being called to reverse what has been done throughout history. A new way of “being” by ending ALL judgment, separation, division, status, inequality, injustice, etc…ending FEAR OF CONNECTION, ending poverty, ending violence, ending the way we’ve BEEN TOLD to live. Talk about throwing a monkey wrench into the norms of society. We are the protectors of the earth and the people aka “collective.” There will only be good versus evil until evil is no more.

Being a Warrior is NOT the absence of fear and despair, but the strength to conquer them. There is ALWAYS honor in defending the defenseless and those who have no voice, which is the warriors duty that he accepts gratefully. A warrior lives by acting, not by thinking about acting, nor by thinking about what he will think when he has finished acting. There are lots of things a warrior can do at a certain time which they couldn’t do years, or millenniums, before. Life, for the warrior, is a work in process at all times, forever mastering their skills. Thus, those things about the warrior did not change, what changes are their ideas of themselves. “To achieve the mood of a warrior is not a simple matter. It is a revolution.”


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