Nothing but a dreamer ? Nothing but a believer ? I AM this and

If bread can be considered the staff of life for the body, dreams can be considered the staff of life for the soul. We are come into this world as born dreamers, it is our natural state of being to envision a life and world is as blissful and joyous as the realms from where we emerged. Our purpose for coming into this life is to recreate heaven on earth and yet too often, we are taught that to be a dreamer is foolish and to follow our dreams will only end in tears. This man boy child of vision feels refreshed .

I like to think God seeks to change our beliefs and thus experiences of pursuing our dreams. And to restore the gift of dreaming to those who feel it has been lost to them forever. That was yesterday not tomorrow .

There is a wonderful quote that I remember from childhood “we are never given a vision or dreams without the means to make them a reality”. This child has come to remind you that though you may feel you have left your dreams by the wayside, they are not lost forever your soul has collected them even as you dropped them, that they may brought to you at this time. They may be dreams that you thought it impossible to come true, or that seemed too difficult to manifest at this stage of your life.

Perhaps they are dreams that you became afraid that if manifested, would cause pain to someone you love. Or they may seem to be selfish and unspiritual, so you have set them aside in hopes that a dream more in keeping with what you believe is proper for you to dream for would take its place. I should have you know that all dreams come from your own Expanded or Higher Self and you are given these dreams because they all do indeed hold a high spiritual purpose! When you pursue a dream because the thought of it coming true gives you joy, and does indeed bring you joy as it is manifested, then all of the Universe celebrates with you. You have opened the door for not only more of your dreams to manifest, but have also made it that much easier for all others to manifest their dreams as well.

A manifested dream that any one individual achieves sends forth a vibrational note as well as an energy imprint that others who are seeking inspiritation and support may tune into to help them manifest their own dreams. If you fear that a dream you seek to manifest may bring pain to another, first you need to understand that you are only responsible for one person’s happiness: Your own. By denying your dreams and their right to be made a reality in your life, you open the door for a different type of energy to take root: the energy of defeat and bitterness which brings joy to no one, including the very person you were giving up your dreams f When you choose to believe that you have the right to pursue your dreams, so too do

you extend that same right and opportunity to all the people you know to do the same. Yet the choice is ultimately in their own hands, you can never force another person to grow and expand beyond where they are not yet willing to grow. Instead of feeling fear or guilt for pursuing your dreams, ask or pray to bring comfort and support, along with the desire to grow and pursue their own dreams to those people you care for who may be afraid of where your own steps are taking you. Trust that all is in the hands of GOD and the Universe, follow that voice that tells you that your dreams ARE good and DESERVE to be fulfilled!

Follow your heart is what Zitterkopf said . Fizzle head Donnie confirmed from above . Our goofy thumps up pose confirmed it . Absolutely no doubt in my soul. Praise Jesus and The one true king .

In memoriam

Julie ann Crawford

1-11-1982 sent home 5-16-1991

11 years old she wrote I know the gospel is true .

I am here to tell you GOD is real ! He longs to make it known The Gospel is True . Heaven is a place few make it too. St Mark 10 :2-52

I have proof, Meg Pryor, Robert Cooper , Tahir Amin , Reubun Simiyu , Alisha Cunningham ,Robert Cranston , Brian Howell , Howard Barton , Howard Meadows , Kieran Exbom , Mark Spellar , Michelle Michael Buehler , Joyce Meyers , Jenifer Sheppard , Brian Zimmer , Jerry Smith , Reese Jones , Heather Exbom , Robert Birmingham , George Sima , Donnie Schmidt JR

Timothy my brother at Radio GCN! Erik Buell , Major Aaron W Malone USAF .on watch .

When once you have total flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes skyward.

For there you have been. There you will always long to return.

Jamie Nicole Paulsen

7-7-95 a baby girl 5-21-96

her parents wrote” Our precious Angel ”

Jamie, Julie, Donnie flying high



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